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Our mission at The Engine is to make a more optimistic future possible, faster.

We are working to create a positive impact on society and the environment, focusing on Tough Tech to address the planet’s most challenging problems. We believe a healthier population, a more accessible and adaptive society, and a more resilient world are all possible through science, engineering, and leadership. Our role at The Engine is to help bridge the gap between discovery and commercialization for the most promising teams and breakthrough inventions– so they don’t get stuck inside a lab.

The Tough Tech ecosystem, which The Engine fosters through events and convenings, is designed to help founders gain momentum as they build and grow their companies. The ecosystem succeeds when everyone in it can both contribute their expertise and benefit from the network: through talent, partnerships, investments, and resources..

The Engine invests broadly while maintaining an allegiance to our roots at MIT, Boston, and the greater New England region. Our physical spaces in Cambridge make it easier for foundational companies to start and grow in the region and we work with governments, corporations, and academic institutions on efforts that will make sure our economy is built to not just meet the challenges of the future, but to actually shape the future for the better.

It’s our job to make it easier for Tough Tech to change the world.


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