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Purpose-built spaces for advancing Tough Tech innovations.

Tough Tech companies require specialized and capital intensive space and equipment as soon as they leave academia while they work to achieve technical milestones. These types of spaces require large investments up front and long lease commitments, both of which can hurt an early stage company.

That's where The Engine Accelerator comes in. We invested in specialized spaces and equipment that remove these barriers, allowing teams to focus entirely on technological innovation. By creating a purpose built space with flexible options for growth, we enable teams to stay nimble and redirect their energies back into the core activities that drive their companies forward, translating into accelerated progress. What sets The Engine Accelerator’s Infrastructure apart is its unique focus on bringing science, engineering, and manufacturing together under one roof.

Through our innovative program, The Engine Room, we extend beyond our own facilities to provide access to specialized equipment and infrastructure. We have established partnerships with leading academic and research institutions to create a core facilities sharing program, thereby giving early-stage companies the crucial resources they need for rapid development. This approach to resource access makes us more than a space; we're a dynamic network for fostering the commercial success of Tough Tech companies.