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Spaces & Infrastructure

The Engine provides access to the specialized labs, equipment, tools, space, and infrastructure necessary to build transformative technologies as economically and efficiently as possible.

The Engine has a sense of place. We are based in the Boston/Cambridge area and are committed to investing in the greater region such that more jobs and foundational technology companies will be built in our community. Along with capital and networks, The Engine offers Tough Tech companies easy access to different types of warehouse facilities and spaces that may be necessary as they scale. Readily available infrastructure can bypass months or even years of delays, moving Tough Tech to commercialization faster.

“We have the chance to forge foundational infrastructure that can potentially change the geography of innovation. A thriving hub can propel the Boston region into the future as a magnet for world-changing Tough Tech companies.”

Katie Rae CEO & Managing Partner, The Engine

Our Locations

A community of Tough Tech Founders

Sq. ft. of space at 750 Main
Teams at 750 Main
People at 501 Mass. Ave.
Teams at 501 Mass. Ave.