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Ambitious Teams

We support ambitious teams solving global challenges with technology-driven innovation. We support them in their journey from lab to market, and we want to see them change the world. The Engine is also, itself, an ambitious team of hardworking and humble individuals who are driven to achieve our goals and see our portfolio companies succeed.

We believe that by supporting ambitious teams and outcomes we can create enduring positive impact in the world.

Mission Focused

We are laser focused on ensuring bold ideas result in meaningful impact for humanity. Our mission is to support those who are just getting started in their journey to solve global challenges through innovation. We believe success in this mission is achieved through humility in the face of the unknown and dedication in championing the Tough Tech community.

Learning Together

We are a team of collaborative individuals committed to constant learning through experimentation and innovation. We do this by working together and lifting each other up to reach our goals. We are iterative, agile, and we lean into ambiguity. We share our wins and our learnings to accelerate the path of the Tough Tech community we support. We believe we can achieve excellence by taking risks, leading in ambiguity, and sharing our knowledge.

Inclusive Innovation

The ability to dream, to envision a better world for all, and to activate change is not specific to race, gender or orientation. Anyone with the technical chops and ambition to drive change could be a Tough Tech founder or funder. We believe we must build an inclusive Tough Tech community to ensure that we collectively have the greatest impact.

Patiently Impatient

We believe both that important companies take time and that meaningful progress can be made in the near term. We relentlessly look for ways to push more aggressively towards progress, while respecting the milestones that require patience.