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Advanced Systems & Infrastructure


Founders & Leadership

Tim Swager, Eric Keller, Robert Deans, Jason Cox


MIT Department of Chemistry

Miniaturized, mobile lab-grade sensing solutions for a healthier and safer world.

C2Sense develops sensing solutions for a healthier and safer world. C2Sense’s disruptive product portfolio delivers authentication, product viability assurance, and pathogen detection to reduce loss and harm for its customers. The Company’s initial target markets are food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and luxury goods.

Initially spun out of MIT’s chemistry department in 2013 with a focus on gas sensing, C2Sense subsequently created its core Aura™️ technology, which enables the company to encode and reveal molecular information depending on need. The platform features a sophisticated combination of light-reactive molecules, advanced data analytics, and low-cost, Aura-enabled readers. The first family of Aura-enabled solutions from C2Sense are AuthenTags and Halo Environmental.

AuthenTags™️ will revolutionize the global market for brand protection and product packaging by providing counterfeit detection and product quality information from the point of manufacturing out to the customer. Discretely printed onto or included in packaging, AuthenTags are safe, versatile molecular tags that securely protect the brand and the consumer. They identify counterfeits and, where required, they are designed to react to problems encountered in the distribution chain (temperature change, oxygen sensing, and more). AuthenTags work equally well on products as small as a pill, mixed into liquids, or applied to just about any surface including glass, plastic, leather, and metals. Of course, this includes flexographic, inkjet, digital, and screen-printed packaging as well. The current customers for AuthenTags are in the luxury brands, pharmaceuticals, and packaged food markets.

Halo Environmental combines C2Sense’s Aura technology with a wide range of Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) to deliver a portfolio of solutions to identify pathogens in food, wastewater, and the environment. This allows customers to respond with the appropriate measures to contain or eradicate any pathogens quickly and efficiently. This makes Halo Environmental well suited for use in the home as well as high-throughput scenarios like food-packaging and distribution, public transportation, water treatment plants, and schools.

C2Sense’s Lean/Agile team is made up of commercially focused, world-class experts with core competencies in chemistry, nanomaterials, data science, and systems engineering. Additionally, the company has a strong IP portfolio of blocking, freedom to operate, and composition of matter intellectual property.

Currently, C2Sense is actively engaged with global leaders in packaging, food safety, and the manufacture of luxury goods (fashion & leather goods) to jointly develop and launch integrated products based on AuthenTags and Halo. Through this thoughtful selection of customers, C2Sense has the opportunity to precipitate industry-wide change for the health and well-being of people and the environment.